This site is about anarchism, for and by anarchists worldwide. Hopefully it will be a resource and a community place where people can get together and organize, or just make friends with like minded people. read more...

With the help of you and other anarchists interested in anarchism, we hope to build a Resource center containing music, books, discussions, info and articles from around the world with the larger focus on anarchism. We need funding so please consider donating. Donate Now ! its mutual aid in action

Guerilla Radio is our very own internet Radio project broadcasting on the World wide web Click to Listen
RevSites & Blogs:
Revolution Sociale
Mooncrafted Jewerly
A blog about Norwegian Psychiatry.
German autonomous, left radical blog. Writing about current demonstrations, nazi-actions and other left winged topics!
This blog is for sharing creating a space by collective of individuals who fight and resist capitalism.
아나키즘, 정치, 사회, 문화, 예술, 철학, 성 이데올로기, 삶을 둘러싼 이야기
Handcrafted jewerly & more made by Lyupka
Australian Freedom Network
This page is the public face of the Australian Freedom Network, a network of ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things very own Video Channel presenting a variety of short movies, music, speeches, news along with direct actions from around the world.