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We appreciate any and all support we can get as our plans and ideas are somewhat disproportional with our finances.

Running and developing the site cost a considerable amount of money that up to now has come from our own pockets. It startet out as a low cost project but with the direction some of our projects have taken costs have risen considerable, so I would appreciate any support I can get. Below can you see some of the projects we are working on.

We now have a Virtual Private Server hosting which is great for loading pages and the site in general, however what we need now is a dedicated database hosting as our databases are currently on a shared hosting, which is slow, this is slowing everything down at the present moment

In addition our Radio project has monthly cost of 33$ (24€)

so any donations would be greatly appreciated

Thank you comrade !

Some of our projects :

Public Discussion Forums Start Pages
Libertaria, social network Online PDF Library ( on hold )
Bysamfunn, social network Storyline Magazine
Hosting for comrades ( blogs, sites etc) Radio Guerilla + mobile Radio app
Direct Action Event Listings Anarchy Free Marketplace

Contributors & Contributions

5 € Ivan April 2016
47.95€ Ilias June 2015
9.31€ Blak Crak Productions April 2015
185 € June 2014
15 € Oytun June 2014
5 € Anonymous June 2014
10 € Tim May 2014
5 € Glenn February 2014
  2013 34 $ Totally in 2013  
  2011 5 $ Totally in 2011