Hello there... Salut Companero ! 同志您好 ! Ciao compagno ! Olá camarada! Привет товарищу ! Γεια σας σύντροφοι ! مرحبا الرفيق !

This site is about anarchism, for and by anarchists worldwide. Hopefully it will be a resource and a community place where people can get together and organize, or just make friends with like minded people.

This project was started in the spring of 2010 at a internet cafe in France by a then homeless webmaster, from its birth the goal was to create a platform for communication for likeminded people worldwide, lately we have expanded greatly launching our own social networks (in 2013) and launching many public forums where people can come together.. So far In 2014 we have launched the Guerilla Radio broadcasting anarchist content and music on the internet.

The site is a independent project not associated directly to any organization or group, it's important that the site try to remain somewhat neutral in this way. However we offer own forums for grroups and organizations where they can organize and present themselves.

We have many different projects going on here, which you will find listed in our menu on the frontpage... We have a large number of public forums, that dont need registration to participate in. Also Libertaria, our social network, is open to the anyone interested in socializing and networking, it does require registration.

Please consider donating, the site is in a constant need of funding

Some of the goals of this site is :

  • To promote Freedom, Solidarity, Direct Democracy, Social Revolution, Equality, Free Speech. Atheism, Ecology, Sustainable Living and science/progress.

  • To counter the propaganda of both the "left" and "right" and all those threatened by anarchism.

  • To spread news and events in order to organize and encourage people to participate.

  • To build opportunities for people to Organize, Communicate, exchange experience and network in order make a new world possible.

  • To Fight (neo) Fascism in all its disguises..


What is Anarchism ?

Anarchy is the absence of Social, Political and Economic hierarchies. Anarchists are dedicated to the eradication of those hierarchies. From ethnic "racist" supremacy, to capitalism, to patriarchy, we resist all forms of Domination.
Anarchism is Free or Libertarian Socialism.
Anarchists are opposed to government (the people who make the laws), the state (the people who impose the laws) and capitalists ( the people who the laws are made for).
Therefor, simply speaking, anarchism is a no government form of socialism.
To anarchists, a Capitalist (repr.)Democratic Regime is no better than a Fascist or a Communist regime, because the ruling class only differs in the amount of violence they authorize their police and army to use and the degree of rights they will allow, if any.

To find out more then :
[ Are You an anarchist? ] - [ Introduction to Anarchism ]

Take care ! Thank you for visiting us, Hope you join, and we see you again..

Peace and Anarchy
- the collective

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