How to deal with injustice in a Anarchy?

by somebody, Saturday, May 24, 2014, 16:07 (1007 days ago)

Anarchism is based (to me) on some core principles, which I see as 'truth'.
This doesnt mean Anarchism contains all 'truth' ,or has got by this theory of 'freedom, solidarity and equality' (as the 3 core principles) all the answers or solutions for the problems of this world. It doesn't.

But to me it is important that we as humans always keep things kinda simple, honest.
Like the world is a round globe and people should be free to travel for all.
Not to fall for any political (being clever) view. I feel all kinds of nationalism are not needed and cause more harm then good.
And sure we all ain't 'equal', but we can all feel what is ment here.
Racism or facism against people, minorities (or even majorities!)is simply a bad thing.
If other people have another opinion they have the right to have that.
People to me even have the freedom to be racist, ofcourse not something I'm for. But if somebody doesn't feel like knowing any coloured or white people, let this person be.
What good will rules or pushing do? AS lond as they don't want to rule this view over others, or come in parties with laws and rules that affect these other people.
Because then it would become a problem we should act on. But in our own mind and lives we should be free. It is not always bad to have some 'sub/culture' or something like that for your own, for your own view and likes, and that simply doesn't always (never wil) involves all other people. To keep up some own identity or a way to be free in orginality is, or can be a very good thing to me. The diversity is our magic.
No matter for all the 'smart' reasoning, the system that made us go look for such difficult solutions to the problems we face.

BUT! To most people Anarchy is something that will result in a world without justice or real liberty, but trouble or wars instead, people fighting that will not be stopped by anybody etc.
And we can't blame these people for thinking this. People are not always good hearted or social at all. Maybe a mistake many anarchists made. Because I personally feel this kinda 'evil' is in humanity, even if now often being pushed even further then 'natural'by the current systems and politics. But i sometimes truly wonder, can people ever live in relative peaceful world, one that will ban all violence because we have embrassed our diversity while at the same time build up our own lives in peace with the other 'ways'. A world that only shape itself in a full spread anarchy, and therefor maybe only a dream, perhaps for a future time.

I have read dozens anarchist state to get rid of all prisons and police. And I do understand their view (what law ever did prevent a crime?)
But it doesnt give clear answers to what to do with a rapist, a thieve (because I do believe in privacy and private property in the form of self created things that simply belong to the woners of it- in a way that is however not after power-greed and is always in borrowed from nature itself in the end ofcourse.
Most people will be 'scared' by the idea of a world without police or for example with a new view, way of handling on private property. (a world that doesn't allow people, companies, banks, states to buy/take it all because they can by money invests)People are often very sceptic to alternatives because all is pesented as 'democratic' or with no other options, as if the current (partly just self created) reality is always/will be the true way to be. Which is ofcourse not the case and will always change with time itself.

So shortly, it is easy to say 'away with it all' but what do we actually do with people that would harm others, how can we solve' these problems in another (anarchist) way?
If we would create our own 'peoples courts' or 'peoples police force' we are inventing the old wheel again that will lead to the same problems, corruption we face today in the current political structures.
If somebody has got interesting texts, info, writings, ideas on this item' then please ad them here, because such anwers are needed to face the greatest critisms against social-anarchism.

So question is: "How can we deal with any injustice, violence, facist, opressive people/groups, maffia minds and ignorance that will always show it's head again'?
How should/could people the best act on such problems in a anarchist/ free world that even includes big cities and crowds, so not only small communities?

Share your thoughts or those of others that had any visions/ideas on this.

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