How to deal with injustice in a Anarchy?

by KabusHeaven @, Saturday, May 24, 2014, 18:46 (1011 days ago) @ somebody

Vigilantism supported by a duel system. Fist to fist or blade to blade, disarm and recycle projectile weapons and militarization globally. Your right to self defense to prevent becoming a victim, if you become a victim it's your right or those close to yous right to get revenge. Of course no victim, no crime, and if it has something to do with ownership too bad, you only own yourself and the shelter you build, "resources" of the land do not apply and are for community use.

With this in place people will become less dependent on external sources and self confidence will rise, an individualized society requires individualized "justice." No third party can be a judging factor on something that has nothing to do with them, no third party can decide who is really guilty or innocent because that third party is an individual as well and their beliefs cause them to side with one who is closest to their beliefs, leading to false imprisonment or execution. Over all vigilantism is more egalitarian because it removes the corrupt middle men, the police force and the judge, instead the individual or the community can decide what is best for itself, good or bad, and face the consequences of that decision.

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