How to deal with injustice in a Anarchy?

by Aline, Sunday, May 25, 2014, 00:31 (1010 days ago) @ KabusHeaven

I can understand this view very well you describe here shortly, but I still think (most) people will not trust in that such a way will bring a hgher level of awareness, of us looking at the world and how we (acn) deal with other beings.

Many will still believe that also in such a way the strongest/fittest will over rule the 'weaker' or less fortunate.
I fully agree on the idea of leaving out any third party, because all would be 'wrong' in a way,corrupted and false in their judgement as you explained.
But wouldn't this 'liberty' to solve the matter yourself then too easily lead to an endless fight in which even small arguments or problems would/could escalate in a lasting revenge/battle between different parties? (not that in a justice system it's all over when somebody is punished or so)
If you see some of the hatred and violence happening in the world, there are times in history I have to admit (my personal opinion) that a third party coming in between the conflict was actually a blessing so to speak. (even if that '3rd party' to end the violence was send by the authorities- which at the same moment then is not truly legit to me, but still ended some too nasty situations in which people needed direct help)

The idea that people in an 'anarchist world/way' will be totally different, less selfish and by becoming part of the nature of the new way more social. Or not into gaining more power or wealth is to many people an illusion, a hope without a future or idealism. The 'masses' will not easily ever believe and trust that man can become a better being in general, in it's nature, by any even revolutionary or significant change in their way of life.

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