Just because..

by Aline, Friday, June 20, 2014, 17:07 (984 days ago)

Because the law is not chosen and created by the people and there should not be any law cause they are simply fake, man made, corrupt, useless and just a reason for further opression, not what is needed, that is a world free enough to solve the matters, injustice and problems we would face. Not any army or ruling force demanding their order, which be aware, will probably never be mine, yours or ours.
Because the people never 'voted' or demanded democracy as it is now.
Because the biggest group is mostly the biggest oportunist failure to follow and to put into power when it comes to political parties, voting and democracy.
Because all bosses and all that give commands are a waste of all our time.
Because they took all away for sales and profits.
Because conformity sucks.
Because they never bothered to even assure or create the basic needs for the (self-independent) survival of all people, except those who use their 'sacred and capitalist' paved path.
Because my radio only plays the same old song.
Because they took the freedom to really create our own lives.
Because they create hatred, support violence, conflicts and the weapon industries to make sure peace will never be and they will always be 'needed'.
Because the media is fully controlled by commerce and control.
Because this is not 'the normal way' or a natural human way that developed in time by the true will of mankind. But because it is 'all' a forced way by a long violent history of those that tried to ule the people; kings, the rich, the Aristocrats, the opressors, dictators, armies, all people and soldiers that fought or voted for them, all politicians of all kinds (even the so called good ones, simply all that ever wanted or had power in history and now are the ones we want to dismiss completely, send into the swamp they belong, to drown in their sadness of never ever being able to punish, enslave, exploit and opress the people, animlas and Earth itself.
Because simply of a lot of rotten dirty sh*t..

Till that day many like me will always say.
No pasaran!

Just because.

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