'The Community' - Peter Kropotkin

by Siouxs, Monday, July 14, 2014, 16:01 (956 days ago)

"The Community" by Peter Kropotkin.
*(A part of the writing translated, 2014- Taken from: Paroles d'un Revolte, 1885, and La Commune de Paris)

"When we pleed for fully independent communities, freed from the governing by the State, we are being accused of giving rebirth to a society structure that already has survived itself.
They say: "when you try to destroy the State and in it's place put free cities and smaller communities, you are focussing on the past; you are destroying then the national unities that have build with so much effort"
Let us however state first that the by us desired communities can't have the characteristics of a dark-age community by technoligy and science alone.
The main purpose of citizens from the dark-age community was to liberate itself from the ruling lord..As the current communities try to free itself from the State. The community of the future has no choice; or the community will be fully free to raise all institutions and put in practise all reformations and changes they feel is needed, or she shall only remain a sample of the State, chained in all her moves, all the time being in to arguments or conflict with the State..

When the community of the dark ages freed itself from it's master, did it also free itself from those people that got rich by selling merchandise and capital in the cities? Absolutely not! After he took down the towers of it's master, the citizen saw the rise of residences within the community of rich business men, that again try to opress him or her.
The history of the dark age community is one of intense struggle between rich and poor; a battle that ultimately resulted in the interference by a king. It has to be the first care for future communities to end the social inequality.
She (this community) will not only be communal but also communist. As she is revolutionary in politics, she will also be regarding towards problems of production and trade.
In the past the community was an independent 'state'; clearly seperated from other states by it's borders. For us the community is not any longer just a piece of land but rather a name, that means something like a group of equals that knows no walls or borders.

The social community will soon stop to exist to be a clearly framed unity. Every group in a community will be atracted by sort like groups within the community.
She will gather with those other groups (or people) and connect herself to them by close relations, the same as those that connect her with locals.
She will be a federation of interests of which it's members are spread over thousand cities and villages.

Don't we have a history to proove us that the need of brotherhood is one of the most important characteristics of humanity? It is sufficent that the State will be in disorder at some favourable moment so that it's repression machine will fail.
Then we will see the free associations occur. Look as example to the voluntary unions of armed citizens during the French Revolution or the Guerilla troops that arised in Spain and saved the independence when the state was overwhelmed by the concuring armies of Napoleon."

-Peter Kropotkin

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