Anarchy..takes time to think-and time is money isn't it?

by Siouxs, Friday, October 30, 2015, 19:32 (487 days ago)

Many people have the idea this planet is for sale.
But it's not and never was in my 'world'.
To begin with, nobody can say their vision, their world, their view, including as far as any democratic 'chosen' ideas, laws etc, no matter how many people agree...nothing is above the individual, in my case 'my own' thoughts.
But this idea alone is scaring some people.
Funny because they can often only explain that 'freedom', or too much will lead to problems. But freedom, or too much of 'it' (vague thing to begin with) is not the problem.
Also not the idea that people would be too stupid too stupid, arrogant, violent, egoistic to live in such a peaceful way based on merely :freedom-solidarity and equality'..from there on 'everything is possible' as well as any good organisation what needs to be organised.
Just to explain that 'organisation' is not 'against' the idea/principles/theory of anarchy but in fact 'voluntarely participation/organisation' is a core of 'Anarchy'.
All these matters are simply not understood by most people. Even makes it harder for any 'anarchist' voice to be understood, or to be not misunderstood for that matter.

Like anarchy, the word's 'chaos and misery' too the masses..and then we gotta make clear (if we like(" that 'chaos' can be good too and is part of nature as well, of it all, just a part of life needed..there ya go, have fun:-(
People don't get it, simple. Takes fkkin hours. Each!
Or they don't feel the need for such a change, or simply believe in the current thing we are doing, which can be bassicly be brought down to word 'capitalism'.
And anarchy, anarchism is taken down to word that is doomed and cursed by the officials, capital, state and the lot.

Just imagine how difficult it is to 'explain' or even convince people we don't need most of the current 'structure' to live.A simple reason why I like A-revolt too,cause it's a site that informs us in free way, not the controlled bullshit we get in the main media.
That states are truly organised maffia structures (asking you to vote their fkkin speaker of the moment) coming from a history and time that we need to end as soon as possible.
Because wars will NOT end because of their existence, their so called protection, but will endlessy return because of States being in power, in conflict. That is not us.
The people are simply not organised in sad masses and armies packed with guns and amunition coming from their exploitation, taking orders from masters above them.

People can't handle power. It corrupts all beings, so we should never be that stupid to even hope continuing this way, by voting etc, for better times, a better regime, a better president, party or whatever that comes in some kind of 'power structure'.
It will not happen, it is an illusion. And good leaders do not excist..the only good 'leader' will teach others only to 'lead' themselves and be free, be theirselves. It doesn't dictate.

And how many are questioning why we have to pay ridiculous rents and be pay slaves for our whole lives, living on the 'blessings' and aproval of others!?
Creating a system, partly parasites that live on the submission and the hard work of others.
Under their made up rules and laws based on a system created by the wankers that refuse to work on the land or such themselves. One that is not sustainable, rightfull and free.
And lets face another thing, there is no career, not even a job of (in this current way) that I actually truly admire. Cause all these jobs, ways, ambitions so set ourselves 'free', to reach' something is too often (if it is not a pure hobby for yourself at least) a human sell out, it makes us whores or fools and all in competition with each other. How can justice , solidarity, participation, freedom or anything good be based on bullshit, blood and broadcasts telling the other thing we need to hear....I don;t know, pinguins and stuff.

People are not even often questioning where the hell we got the idea that Earth can be for sale and why some people that in some way earned enough can have large houses, big lands and others totally nothing and are completely excluded.
And why we are raised all in 'nationalism' that is only used as another brick in the wall, keeping people away that don't belong here..but isn't earth in fact a round ball?
That only got mountains, rivers and waters as true 'borders'..oh yeah, and there is people ;-)
And since when is an animal only a product for us and our needs?
And if so, why so often badly threated...well, capitalism always demands the cheapest price ain't it? Most consumers do feel the same, many not having a choice, cause their pay doesn't give much room for any fairtrade or being bio.
And so folks, we simply are kept being stupid as f..k and poor enough to keep on working:-D
Its a big sell out and nothing to shout about.
But hey..when it's finally weekend...I will be really free! Yeah:-P

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