Thoughts on Anarchy, 2016

by Siouxs, Sunday, January 24, 2016, 13:34 (397 days ago)

Greetings dear people, fellow anarchists and others that might read this post.
Reason to write some here, well, I guess is just getting out some thoughts on the subject of anarchy in general. On the critisism (that sadly too often is just plain crap and done without any true concern for whatever except their own ego and well being)Not to convince anybody really, I often do things because of mysterious ways;-)don't know them really.

This site is all about anarchy and it would like to bring some kinda platform for people to be informed, to let out steam, to share etc.
What some people (often not even a little bit informed on the theory and practise of anarchy/anarchism...all isms' are often rejected..and I can't blame them for that.
Still anarchy stands for more then just another 'ism', just a theory or ideal.
No, it is a practise and it could be a reality.

That this is now not the case doesn't mean that anarchy doesn't work or can not work.
To explain 'anarchy' in a good way is a hard thing to many.Not always because anarchy is that hard to explain, but to take away the fears or the doubts people might have is something else. Some even expect some clear programm..and that is simply not possible. But anarchy is not about is about freedom and always will be to begin with. A freedom that beyond your own personal ideas of what is best. may that be clear. But it always respect your freedom if you give the same freedom back. Our enemey is 'simple' but many; every authority every ruling power.

Often the word itself is not understood. To explain 'the anarchist idea' is kinda hard cause I am an individual and we all are. Our personal visions for and in an anarchy can be very different, just as the road we want to create, to take in our lives is not the same and should not be the same. Total freedom as the cure, but we can't say anarchy will give any garantee for a 'good free life' either.
Anarchy is 'freedom' and the absence of any power, any institution that stands above the people, that could control them or has any power over them.
This freedom seems to be scare many people. They will first begin to tell you it will all end in chaos..and even after 'anarchy' people would take the same old road again, the old ways and take, create the seats of power again.

Read some Bakunin, Lucy Parsons or Kropotkin will ya! Oldskool kings! (" They agree, but will also explain that they want to end that vicious circle too and that could be a reality. Simply if most people would agree, without a longing for some masive group, army or any of that crap. Anarchists don't want any 'masses' as some kinda political power but we would also never want to 'install' something or walk over any people. (except those who hold on to power and control over others)
Simply, we want anarchy because that would be the only way nobody is dictating nobody. And that is a core principal/fundament just as solidarity and equality.
But this never in any form of State or government, centralised rules, institutions, laws, country or whatever people can come up with. You era is dead.
We are Earth people, not belonging to any group, nation or company.

Anarchists will tell you..youre wrong. But to explain this is not that easy when people are convinced that misery and war will rise in a 'state' of anarchy.
Yet they hardly seem to recognise it is POWER, so all states, all maffia, all religious powers and all instituations wrking with or for them wich in these times includes about all we face as organisations in the western world or even worldwide.
The capitalist rule, the idea of that Earth is for sale is hardly questioned anymore by humanity it seems. Well millions do, but in general, here in Europe for example the privilged that are still doing well can not even be found for a petition against fur (not that that would help, just as example)..and the so called 'working class, the proletariat is often more busy pushing their fellow workers down then even thinking of solidarity with the opressed.
All felt for the fake democracy, the theater being played by the politicians while the companies and capital rules. A machine on the loose eating up the planet with it's endless growth.
They keep us busy with CO2 while they continue to build Dams, cut the rainforests and destroy the planet.
They want to fight and stop cancer will not even thinking on where is comes from.
Not realising that this system and it's unhealthy production and greed is part and often even the root of the disease itself.
The only way out is the destruction of this bad way of what we call living under total surveillance and with aproval need for most simple things in life that should not be anybody's business.
Your tv and radio is just a part of that propaganda machine, so better play your own music. The same fake choices of different canals appears there too..but in the end it's all the same and all is in favour of people controlling the buttons, of an elite taking all the money and at the same time rob our own thoughts on life.
Many confuse my will to great work for what I believe in and my rejection in working for something I don't stand for and believe but simply am being prisoned in.
(just a reminder..i never voted for this kind of 'demoncrazy'! Born in it-refuse to agree on this, conformity indeed;)

Anarchists believe that we can only build something better in total freedom. The arguments are too many to mention and many stand as a rock. But no, not to the so called educated pricks that confuse what they learned with knowledge and 'truth'. Because there is something like truth. They will tell you there is an 'abstract democracy', that there are only opinions and we all should accept the uniform that is being presented. They will tell what they learned..and we know where they went(" Their intellectual blabla is far from any truth if it in any way defends any system or structure that presents power. They are all slaves and will hunt and betray you. They will tell you humanity is also too stupid to live in anarchy, because they would be 'evil'. Do they ever start on a system that creates slaves, that is build as a prsion, that makes us chase money and status.
Anarchy itself simply believes in the good of mankind, not being in any way in denial of the bad sides or naive on troubles. (that will always arise, in any kind of world)
Maybe that is our biggest problem..maybe that is our stupidity according to many people..that people should be able and deserve to live in the greatest freedom possible. They seem to prefer a ready made prison with supermarket just in case.

The intellectual student, journalist, businessman or politician will tell you that with your rights comes duties. But we dont want your rights'..we want freedom.
And we don't want to replace the old power by a new one. Not even a 'revolutionary' one. Because true alternatives, truth, freedom, 'progress' for peace and humanity can only grow from that fertible ground that is called freedom. The rest simply stinks..after dictators, after rightwing cunts, after leftish dictators that would like to opress their will just as any dictators.
So don't confuse me with being a militair, or somebody that believes in 'orders' from above. I dont believe is representatives cause I can speak for my own. And I still believe most people can..or should learn how to!

I even heard some people state they want 'bosses' and all that so they don't have to think/act themselves..easy going("..well, I won't even respond to that. Only with telling you I don't care what you do..but I don't agree on that. No boss, no god (not saying believing in 'god' aka nature/'the holy force' is always bad)no state or anything above me.
People sadly will tell you this..well why don't you move to Africa (says something about their 'fascist' ideas too btw") or then you can go sleep under a bridge..when you don't want to pay the rent, when you reject the state/maffia..then to most of you people out there, I am not even woth living right?
I am being measured by my payroll, my money, the production I for a state/a capitalist system that is at the same monet putting on a warfare against freedom, against life itself. That is selling out our loves, our ways, our cultures, our public spaces, our liberty, our creativity..eveything they want to control and making it one grey uniform consumer freedom/choice that should replace the freedom of people.

If you think I should go move, then I will tell you I won't, not for your kind. I won't sleep under a bridge..there is enough buildings empty("
It is simply hateful to say such things. Those ignorant people confuse freedom also with doing nothing. Anarchy is a 'FREEDOM' to create your own, it does never ever dictate any. I believe it is this we need as 'basic' to create something we can never deliver (or want to) on some bluenote, in some clear programm or such. That is the lies of the politician. I believe in humanity because I need to, because I need others. Simple. So im not going for any nazi control state by anybody that thinks to know the way. The 'way' does not excist. But Anarchy is needed to create simply the freedom-to have that freedom to organise ourselves, to find the best ways, to learn from others trying it anothe will not be overnight something really good will shine..that will take time..and depend very much if people still seek or want any power..cause EVERY power is corrupt, is a lie, is manipulation, is our eternal enemy and should be your enemy too.
To believe we can change this corrupt and wrong system by voting, by any kind of infiltration, by good media representation, by giving in to power and their media, to change things from within is (to me) totally wrong and living in great illusions.
The game is capitalist and that means trouble. Reformism can only help it forward.
But what is so evil and bad about power will never ever change. And we don't need leaders, we need living, free, thinking people. Willing to work together because they realise that that is needed..(okay most realise that)but when will humanity then realise a power is not needed (that is the biggest lie, the power itself is mostly the caus eof great troubles and al kinds of opression, leading to crises, war, poor and rich, people being excluded or in. A sad thing. Always- never!

Those who feel I am a dreamer should perhaps face the nightmare so many people feel every day living is this world that does not recognise we are FREE (should be). That paying rent is to live on planet your being born on is crazy to begin with. And yes we can all live in good houses without the endless stress of paying rent/maybe lossing our houses/roof because we can't.
The people that confuse anarchy with doing nothing and being against everything should perhaps first inform themselves on all that we do want and that we are for.
Would they still critise us then? Yes, many would, cause it's true, many are cunts, many are power lusted, many follow ambition that makes them whores (such dick boss) and many are indeed just stupid and want to complain and yell all the time but never fkkin do a they go vote to let others do so..after all, they are to busy being slave...maybe wake up? Good morning heyhey gabba gabba.
To say I am not worth living in a house when I cant pay the rent is like a wardeclaration to me that I piss on. People that talk that way are sick and should be ignored, they are weak and fall for the lies because the seem to manage and mantain some kinda safe posistion (work, social mess etc) in this current system.
They are happy enough with the 'presented plastic' consumer freedom.
From that priviliged position they place their critics up on people that do feel the need for something else. For something true, for something real.
A wealthy man does not know the true feeling of hunger.
But that they refuse to see the suffering around and then still deny people a home, food or at least full access to the production goods, to the land (that is all ours-NOT for sale)can be written down in history books as pure evil. Beyond being stupid and blind.
There is no excuse for what they do, according to the 4 skins..there is no room for any submission according to Sparta, there is no reason to talk to dictators according to the Zapatista, there is future to convince Erdogan or IS, there is no way...capitalism and power will ever work for the people (including ALL people)
We are not equal..doesn't mean I am less.
Organise in freedom in in your own ways, in small groups, in affinity but never in militairy and hierachy, never in political parties, not in a single way that can represent us (or become a new 'power'-except the power of love and freedom of free individuals")within a State or in the media or in the political show they put up.

Ther is only room for the taking down of all they stand destroy all powers on Earth.
Again 'Anarchy' doesnt want to replace any power, it wants to take it away (all of them) permanently to get the longed freedom. That is why anarchists are 'against' so much, because simply so much is rotten. To make the same mistakes enlessly..isnt that the biggest msiatke we can make. To place our confidence in others, to wait for real good leaders? (lol) to wait for the politicians, rulers and rich to give up their sick ways?! (A reason why the right winged people are that fkkin laughable..but also radical leftish parties as we see now in Greece will face sooner or later that they can not change a true thing, because all is fake around them. Because capital rules and made all people dependant. They rule, money rules, not us. That is an illusion. To take that 'power' way by organising in parties is foolish. To install something better will only be better for them, but never bring the freedom for ALL people. Authority is not needed. Organisation is needed to make certain things happen (not the revolt itself really, more afterwards, within anarchy)but do not confuse organisation (voluntary, without leaders and followers, but in a direct-democratic structure for example)with the need for some Authority, some endboss taking the final decission. Consensus could be a way, and if not reached people would still be free to do things, try their own ways and organise with those that do agree. Only in this way the 'best' (idea, solution to a local or even global problem) can win..and not the 'right of the rulers'.
That is just the problem and holding back all that could be truly good.

It's a dirty job, but we all should do it. And never let power become even be possible again. Power on Earth will have another meaning in another future. Personal power that is, the power of a group, the power of life that lives in respect and with care for the other living and the planet itself.
That world can't be the same as it is now..are ya ready..or are you watching the news?

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