A New Declaration of Independence- Emma Goldman

by Grant S. Fisher @, Saturday, May 31, 2014, 22:04 (1000 days ago) @ Siouxs

I'm really glad you posted this, as her words are just as relevant today as when she write & published them. My only problem is the page that you posted. It's damned hard to read. I reposted this on facebook & then saw how it was too difficult to read. I found a much clearer copy at theanarchistlibrary.org and then reposted it. I don't know if anyone else read it, my FB friends are, for the most part, left-liberals, with a few old rad friends from younger days. I hope you find this helpful. once more, thanks for giving this great document some space & attention. It's the kind of thing one could easily memorize &, for that, the more, the merrier!

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