A New Declaration of Independence- Emma Goldman

by Hello, Wednesday, June 04, 2014, 16:26 (996 days ago) @ Grant S. Fisher

I saw your translation on the fb page, below this one (the fuzzy lay out lol:) True, but that made it also look 'important' and historic a bit so..with all means!;-)
I knew indeed the anarchist Library had a version as well, and with a more updated layout too(: But I was too lazy to copy a new one since I already had this one ready for lift off.
It is indeed a writing that is not outdated and to me was always a clear statement for freedom and justice and perhaps even a bit like some new 'constitution', guideluin so to speak, for humanity.

Thanks for your contribution G. and feel free to put matters/writings etc you find interesting or want to share on this page/site.

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