Eviction Spuistraat squats in Amsterdam.

by The Ants, Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 21:00 (675 days ago)

A sad sight in Amsterdam, End March 2015.
The eviction of (about) the last the social/creative squats in the city.
The Spuistraat was a lively place partly due to the graffiti that was always there for the public to enjoy as so many people did.

Het Slangenpand, 'the Snakehouse' (there since 1983) however sadly had some people inside that seemingly did not belong there because they spoke out against the people resisting, protesting and making barricades to stop authorities/capital from taking away these buildings.

Fuck State and Capital
Fuck 'The Key' housing corporation.
Fuck the Amsterdam City council.
Fuck Super asshole Rob Hoogland and the fascist/populist/gossip Dutch Telegraaf newspaper for which he writes his dirt, cheap lies and hatred against freedom and justice.
Fuck the press!
Fuck taking away the right on a roof and a life.
(And those buildings are payed off probably about 15 times since about 1910, stop your sick talks, money games or your boring false morality that walk over humanity, liberty and social purposes)
You are the true parasites, the tied up yuppies letting others do the work, the bosees ass kissers, those who feel they can buy out ideals. You are the filth of this society. Not people taking back space to the people where they can stay and use freely for all.
Fuck those who think they sell all or the opressed 'law of paying rent'.
Fuck all that don't care for life.

Much love to those who resist the above.

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