'Last train to total destruction'- A global Forest picture.

by Siouxs, Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 14:16 (1094 days ago)

A quick look (Image-personal report/writing) around the world; on deforestation. 2014
The planet is being eaten. That could be (or is) the final conclusion of this small 'report' on global deforestation.
This is news is not 'new', but question is why we continue to destroy our last forests when we know how important they are.
Why do millions listen to bands as Muse or U2 who scream out 'unsustainable" but never seem willing to act, to save those last forests and waters we have got?
Because mostly we are all depending o the same system and goods that cause the damage, the capitalist machine that should stop befor all is taken away from us.
And then there is nothing left to buy..or to breathe.

We would have to stop the endless 'growth', while all we hear in the emdia and politics is 'more economical growth'. Trees don't grow endlessly either, we should look at them and learn. Cause it is simply not possible.
Resources are not big enough, the Planet is too small to carry this kind of weight.
The future looks very sad since we don't seem to be able to end it or change this way, probably till nature itself will end it.

_A little walk across Earth-

The Rainforests are being cut down everywhere at a speed hard to imagine.
This from Indonesia to Brazil.
Borneo is plundered by now as good example of the mess.
The Great fires last year in Australia were actually caused by the army during a 'repetition'.
Mega-Dams (build or planned) block Rivers and put forests under water in China, Turkey, US or South America. They stop the natural water flow and life itself.
This often to gain energy/electricity for other polluting industries as coal mining.
Clearcuts and large scale deforestation is happening in Canada, the US, South America, Azia, Africa (and in the Eu most is alrady cut down years ago)
In India forests are taken but at least there the Elephants fight back in large groups. (never seen before in history)

Even little woods and parks are taken away for business means all over the world as in Europe or at the Gezi-Park occupation in Turkey.
Brazil gave the green light to a new forest law that is even allowing in certain cases to cut more.
Many of the wooden furniture coming fom Azia, Africa, Southern America is from logging (legal or illegal doesn't really matter)is from the last rainforests we got left. Countries worldwide just as Germany is buying these goods too.
Famous Planet eaters (aka companies, banks and governments)as Chevron, Sinar Mas group, Cargill, Shell, BP, GDF Suez, Norte Energia, L'Asia Pacific Recources,TruongLam, Palm Oil Industries etc. are responsible, next to the many companies that work together with them. (As Siemens -Germany)

Many companies are notorious and using corruption, (para) militairy violence, media lies and opression to push their will through.
In Malesia the 'Penan' people who lived there for generations in the forests got to hear they were in the way of progress, just as hundreds of other tribes and millions heared elsewhere from the global Life opressors. Lets not listen.
The Congo is a target for them, just as equador is, or Argentina, Cameroon, Sweden, Malesia, Thailand, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela.....we simply all are.

Februari, 2014

IMO of the many killed and wounded enviromental activists and Indigenous people wordlwide.

(Mama Wisdom:'We will never back down")

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