Solar Warriors

by Siouxs, Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 10:05 (1036 days ago)

-Solar Warriors-
The Red Cloud's Energy Center in the US has already created and installated over a thousand Solar thermal heating units in houses (mostly Lakota) across the Northern Plains.

One of the benifits is ofcourse becoming less dependant on fossil fuels or ways that harm the enviroment.
The work done by this Red Cloud renewable energy center has not only been recognized by green activists, the Indigenous and locals but as well by Barack H.O/ The White House giving his support to this project.
At the same time Henry Red Cloud is one of the many opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline.
He also participated in the 'Cowboys-Indians alliance encampment'.
Many people wonder why the Governments in general are not investing more in such alternatives as solar energy instead of the harmful pipeline and oil/gas production.

"The simple elegance of local power, solar energy and working to benifit the communities, not corporations"
-Winona Laduke

April 22, 2014

More info on this at:
-Red cloud renewable energy center.

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