Boycot Brazil- A video message on Belo Monte 2014

by Stop the Dams -the Gorillaz (in the mist, Saturday, May 10, 2014, 14:49 (1021 days ago)

A video message on the Belo Monte Dam project in Brazil and a call to boycot, protest during the coming Worldcup 2014 and Games hosted in Brazil.
To raise more awareness because press is keeping things silent or confusing.
To stop the further destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, against the sell out of the forest to companies by the Government of Brazil.
Against the corruption and bad politics in general.

Please boycot Brazil products/events and get active to stop this from happening.

More info on the Belo Monte Dams and the companies involved is here in the same forum on A-Revolt or on (protest) sites as Amazonwatch.

Give all corporate 'Norte Energia' videos a THUMB DOWN and a beat down too for being one of the biggest players involved and for even wanting to be part of building such a monster plan.

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