Siemens, Norte Energia, GDF Suez; ALL EVIL

by AmazonWatcher, Friday, February 14, 2014, 12:12 (1110 days ago)

Two texts on two Companies that are in the Belo Monte Project?Amazon area for profit.
The same Companies that fool and kill Indigenous people, should be adressed by all of us that care.
We know who you are, you might think your with many, but not compared to the amount of peopel that is against your wicked plans of destruction and power. your (green/money)'power' is not worth shit compared to people that care.
And they will not go away for your greedy asses.

Text: From Altamira to Munich: confronting Belo Monte's Corporate Profiteers.
Monica Brito adressing Siemens Company.
The answer of Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser was this: "If there is any proof that Belo Monte is violating rights, I would ask you to provide it"
(Dont you worry, we got NOTHING to proove to your kind..end the dialogue!)
More about the dity practises of GDF Suez and their part in the Construction of Dams in the Amazon. A global company based/active in many countries.
Take action-spread this info.

(More info: Amazonwatch)

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