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by Suns Of A-Revolt, Thursday, May 26, 2016, 10:21 (278 days ago)

Hello you basterds, this will a writing on a tv serie (so your warned:-)

Sons Of Anarchy- PART TWO- The future is unwritten..but here it is!
Kurt Sutter, read on, be patient (no patent so dont ya worry)-we are anarchists after all-small world ya know.
Later on I will present you the come back; the 'one and only' (fkkin greatest:-D idea how to make a true, original, exiting and just as good 'part 2' of this popular TV serie later on in this mail. First want to make clear some matters (on biker groups too) and my view and that of the 'anarchist' movement as you could call it. We can all agree anarchy is not about rules, so I won't tell what anarchy should be or anything like that. Still, anarchy has a true meaning, it got it's principles, it's 'rules' perhaps..which ofcourse sounds as huge contradiction but that is not the case.
Anarchy is a practise first of all, of a 'theory' as you can call it.
Action speaks louder than words. That's why I write this as well..because not even saying nothing is just doing nothing at all.
Anarchy has a point of view, and can not be replaced by other 'views'.
This all not saying anarchy dictates how to life or think to anybody.

It is about freedom, about equality and solidarity. That can not be changed.
Anarchy is first of all a peace movement that believes in the good of people and wants to live in total freedom.
If the Sons would have read some Emma Goldman (not only the quote written on the wall in season 1) then they would know hanging National flags all over is something an anarchist would NEVER do. Because Anarchy is against the state, against nationalism (that often is the root of fascism),against authorities. Anarchists would never accept tittles as 'president' (as so many biker groups do)
I noticed a Russian biker group doing the same, waving national flags, almost acting in militairy ways, which can never be the 'way of Anarchy'.
Did they ever read some Bakunin or Peter Kropotkin?!
Anarchist would never rob a bank to get rich, wealthy and 'live a good life within this money prison' as criminals, politians or most people would do.
They don't dream of such an escape, they are warriors that only rebel to attack the ruling class, the opression, the maffia, the hate, rascism, fascism, pauverty, the sell out of freedom. They would not set up a whore house or escort service (as the Sons did), cause they would fight to the bitter end not to be slaves, to set everybody free instead of seeking for ways just to survive within this system (they attack it and never surrender),not by using other people. (and they take no prisoners either;-) They remain individuals, anarchists and organise in affinity groups, in free syndicates or alone. That could also be into a biker group.
But you would not see a president in an anarchist structure.
I don't get that shite really, but they never claimed to be anarchists I believe.

I have to say here that a free group of people, that would organise in such a way is not against 'anarchism'. It is their freedom, even to hang on tittles as president. But let it be clear that it remains a conradiction.
A little of this was also said in the TV serie Sons of Anarchy. But was never the core of their struggle and problems. Jax, the 'main' character faced a writing done by his dead father, that was talking about how this biker group became just another criminal organisation. Far away probably from the longed freedom they set it up for.
That is 'anarchy'. So all these twisted ideas of anarcho-capitalism, or even crazier 'anarchist-nazi's'?!..is all just fake and really sad actually.
It is a 'all over problem that people confuse anarchy with all kinds of matters and ideals that are in great contadiction with the meaning of anarchy.
It has a rich and colourful history, a struggle to set humanity free from all opression, by never ever wanting to create new powers, new authorities again.
It is one of reasons perhaps I am writing this all. Just because it sometimes bothers me to see so many fake, foolish ideas on anarchy. Presented in the main media in the news, but also in (great to watch as a story) tv series as the Sons of Anarchy by Kurt Sutter. I found it a really good 'movie' about this biker group, about family and the struggles they had. Yet as anarchist, it often bothered me that the name of anarchy again was used in the mix of violence, lies, sex etc.
Nothing wrong with some sex,drugs and rocknroll but this was a ride straight into hell boys, into armed warfare between gangs and maffia. Nothing to do with the true meaning of anarchy has to be said. Not saying that biker groups don't share this 'same' longing for freedom, for loyal bothers and sisters, for a life worth living. But it is almost never about what Anarchy-this FREEDOM for all living- stands for.

SO Kurt, I am gonna present what has to be done, make a sEqual, make a new 7 seasons of anarchy. It will be the future.
Maybe better then doing the past, the history of Samcro, John Teller and the orignal Redwoody warriors. But you can do that in the mean time, while I write the 'hardline', the core of what the future of the Group will be;-)
I know this sounds crazy and Kurt is probaly never gonna read this post (but if you do, speak up, speak game and give us reaction here) Admin, you can drop it in Kurts FB if he has any. (All I want is 10.000 euro:-P for this GREAT idea, IF you will really use it (banning A-revolt will not succeed or wotk because it's all printed and spread :-) But you will love it, feel it's real and actually is the way to go..im pretty confident about that.
You have to love it! Otherwise we will drop by on our bikes hehe..That's a joke Otto, we would never do that. We are used to being mis/used. But we have chapters everywhere, remember that:-D
To spend on some Anarchist project,and 5000 euro to be given to: Andre the Admin to keep up his site here and do some projects with it.Something like that. I promise Kurt, we are bloody anti-capitalists, not corrupt, the price will never go up hehe. But just be that kind to give us share (and call A-Revolt in the serie (in the 'thank you's'). Oh yeah, and I want to make a wall painting on the new samcro set too. That's it, an offer nobody can refuse:-P Trust me, trust A-revolt and think positive of anarchists, we are your friends, here to serve and protect:-D
The idea (not the 'whole bloody story', thats' upto you ofcourse, but the main idea, the characters; Abel the son of Jackson will return..and how! That will be explained in the writing/answer below this post here..ive kinda had it right now, going for a coffee, press submit now........read on! The REAL ANARCHY!!!!

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