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by Suns Of A-Revolt, Thursday, May 26, 2016, 11:42 (278 days ago) @ Suns Of A-Revolt

OK, here it comes, the idea I had after watching the Sons of Anarchy.

Kurt Sutter, director of Sons of Anarchy, you will like this.
I can't refuse to ask what Happy would do, cause I am being me:-D

I actually watched all 7 seasons. Got it in dvd set and I did found it a great story and tv serie. They only thing bugging me was that it was giving Anarchy a bad name once more. Anarchy was already 'banned' by the endless anti-anarchist-propaganda of the powers in control everywhere. Mostly anarchy is being presented/attacked these days by using the word anarchy in cases of war, disasters and all kinds of awful things that have NOTHING to do with Anarchy.
The powers on control (state, capital, their media etc) always feared anarchy and it's movement. Anarchists have always excisted in history, but it became more of a movement and a theory in motion-always hooking up with the present realities we face- after people such as Michael Bakunin or big revolts like in Spain; parts of the Cnt-Ait struggle etc. The anarchist idea, rebellion, practise and direct action spread all over the globe.

So shortly, after watching the whole, I wondered, now what? So Jax died, this club continues as small as they became in the mean time?
What to do?
Well some years pass (that's the only 'little' problem..Jax's boy Abel (and Thomas) have to be at least in their late twenties as age)..so that will be a future ride. But can be solved, Kurt knows how. He's good.

So i'm gonna make it short here for now,
give my 'main idea'- and later on perhaps ad some ideas for story's, conflicts, the drama, scenes for the serie. Ofcourse I present just the 'picture' here, im not a real story teller like Kurt is. He got to fill this in themselves but I do have some ideas for how this story could go in ma head. (Just being John writing the 7 seals here ok. Yeah I watched that gid too.

Abel will be raised up by that good old Byzlat and his mum.
But he will return to Charming, to the club with a new idea, being raised somewhere else and later on grew up in an anarchist squat for example in his youth as history of his anarchist point of view and awareness.
It gives him the love for more nature and more true anarchy..in fact he became a 'real anarchist' that studied the idea and history of anarchism too.
This because he hearded about his past and the bikerclub ofcourse (still got the Sons ring!) and so he became interested in this theory being not part of the club in his youth, so all he could was 'read' and find out about anarchy himself.
He decides to go back to biker club, maybe on the run for a direct action he did with friends that share the anarchist idea.
He finds Happy, Tig and those boys still there doing their thing. Now Tig aldeay went 'realy free' lol so it all leads to "Anarchy'..indeed! The realness this time.
Abel becomes a part of the club again and brings in some others. The whole is slowly turing into a anarchist-minded- biker club, still with the same old love for biking and adventure ofcourse.
By maybe just small things (think of a free concert organised by the Sons that gets smashed by police because there was no permission for it..things like that, that actually are a reality these days. There are illegal parties and squats being evicted with force every week all over the world) start to cause more and more trouble by that however in Charming to the authorities not fond of their direct actions against opression, against maffia.And think of where Jackson all dissapointed us big time. Selling out the old struggle of his mom and Clay..and that of some good people! against the sell out of their town, the old City gardens being bulldozered to make way fo a DIZney playground for the rich, by that corrupt mayor Hale. Well, Abel finds out about this stuff too and is gonna be a real change for Charming. Trying to take it all back..to the longed freedom for Charming.
Ofcourse this clashes all over with exactly the same struggles the Anarchists in real life face. Their enemies are many because so many people and institutions, companies stay power lusted and want to keep up their old corrupt ways in their own interests. But that is no longer of any interest for the new Sons of anarchy.
Still the Sons don't play around. They live for the adventure, the botherhood, the bikes and their freedom and won't give up jsut like that.

This will affect the whole town and surroundings even more. Because this time the idea of spreading anarchy becomes the main goal.
Charming and its population has to choose more and more..are they behind the longed freedom and organisation bottom up spread by the Sons that gets actually more support then what they did in the past. Their struggle now gots it's arrows on all that opress their will. They found a true meaning and mission in life now as a club and a goal for the future and they give Charming a choice...with this time the people and Charming population more on their side then before. The opressors, the corrupt and wicked in all it's sorts even more against them.
(and not! btw..by trying to become another political party or any kind of 'militairy' ofcourse:-)Not saying guns are out of the question lol..and I understand Kurt thatyou have to make an exiting story. But the new Sons now do reject most of the old egoist ways completely, trying to maintain the brotherhood and truth (already being emancipated earlier on by girls as Tara and the friendships beyond the colour barrier)..the road for real Anarchy was set here..so ride on, we stand alone but the Sun is always with us.
Now they try to make Anarchy into the positive and demand (nothing..they take!:-P their freedom.
What the old anarchists found out as well as the Sons-Redwood Originals did in the past is that this true freedom will take a struggle. One that has no longer a need for any president but got many enemies.Their new way is even a greater threat and more brutal to authorities and maffia. Kurt will make it happen...together with the real Suns of Anarchy.


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