Floyd Mayweather's shoe collection vs. Syrian Refugees...

by anonymous, Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 19:52 (612 days ago) @ healsyria

True..as Timbaland bought dozens of bottles champagne costing like 20.000 each..or maybe some other famous/rich Timberdude musicplayer (I always try to forget such actions")did last year at a 'divorce-party' ? (I recall yeah lol) together with Lenny Kravitz (not gonna go his way btw)and more of these fashion celeberties 'friends' of him.

These spoiled brats have no hearts, just me me me, lust and money...endlessly
It's often the attention they want, not a better world (or 'someting to believe in' as the Ramones")..cause it's been good to them.

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