Death squads and state violence in Mexico against Zapa's2015

by No Surrender, Thursday, July 23, 2015, 18:34 (586 days ago)

Two days ago a child was killed in Chiapas.
One more shamefull attack on the people-the Zapatistas- in Mexico.
Read; 'Enlace-Zapatista' site (last entry at this moment) for information on this.

Make this news known all over, spread it where you can.
Make noise (or don't) and take action.
Even call up the stupid) main media and ask them to give an interview or write at least a story on what is happening there, mentioning the specific situation(s) of the current moment if you do.

-only ofcourse give an 'interview' (without name at best-mask on) if your well/good enough informed-cause that can work better-more practical together- with at least a willing and bright journalist that is)

We can not longer tolerate any violence against these people (no matter where in the world) by the state and capital death squads and other terrible people.

Stand with people in Chiapas-stand with the Indigenous of Brazil fighting to stop their land being taken away.

There is nothing wrong with self defense.

-No Surrender-


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