A letter to Zapatista land. 2015

by Siouxs, Monday, August 17, 2015, 11:20 (557 days ago)

Greetings dearest people in Chiapas, Mexico.

I write you this 'letter' here because first of all I don't want to bomb your page with such long comments', texts as these(" I'm not here to bore you out(;
So I will maybe put a small note on the Enlace page later on it's here.

I wrote a note out of anger on the recent attack(s) on communities and people in Mexico by state and police/military and maffia-para-military groups.
Like the attack in which Edilberto was killed. Or the opression in Xochicuautla etc.
In that note I also wrote (in the end) 'No surrender', which was ofcourse ment as 'no pasaran' but is also a motorbike-club here. Since I am no part/member of that I did not have any intension to give the idea it was coming from them.

Also recalling the writing 'between light and shadow' and I agree that is easy to yell 'never surrender' but another thing to face an armed enemy. So I was not after that, or after looking 'cool' or such. Just ment as sincere solidarity with what the Zapaista's do and stand for. That you should not give up or give in to the lies and opression of the state, the landlords and companies that seek power and turf.
I am certainly not one of those 'demanding' (as last thing) to anybody to fight till the death, writing this from my 'luxury' cell in Europe.

I did have a chat one time with this biker from the Hell's Angels. This biker/angel telling me all about the "Warriors of the Rainbow' and that was he solidair with the indigenous case/struggle(as many Hopi's refuse to call it btw)and his love for nature. That was great to hear and very different then I would have imagined a conversation with an Hell Angel. But I do notice,despise the great differences ofcourse the longing for freedom, independence in both the Zapatista as these biker groups, may it be very different in lots of ways.
Just saying here this is the Siouxs talking here, small as we are, the 7th wave, not the Sons of Anarchy. With all respect.
The Zapatista movement represent to me, more then a longing for freedom alone. They make it a practise. In all ways that is. They understand that equality and freedom don't need hierachy, political parties or presidents. That that often is the problem.
They also understand that freedom has got nothing to do with the consumer choice of buying a woman behind a red lighted window (even voluntary)selling her body to pay her rents. That there is nothing but domination, hatred and sell out in such.

The freedom the Zapatista stand for is ment for all people. The freedom to create your own ways in full liberty. Not a movement of 'outsiders' only, or the insiders for that matter. They work together as 'ants', towards full liberation for all. With that they are an example for the world and inspiration to many already. For all people longing for true freedom. That want this freedom more then only the rebellion over it. That choose to cultivate life and started planting their own seeds. That grow their own crops, coffee and cotton. That choose knowledge above certainty.

To the youth is Chiapas, create your own space, your own youth centre as you could call it (and well help ofcourse) with a room for meeting, for correspondence, for opening ways to bring a constant flow of people that can visit the place (me not being one cause i truly hate/refuse flying) and function in this way as 'watchers' to as well stop the contineous harrasements/attacks of state and 'anti-zapatista'.
Ofcourse not ment as tourist hotel and only if the locals can/are willing handle such.(bunch of mad people(" No,kidding here, many are very smart and have good hearts for sure. Make a youth place for doing some games/sports, the outside n surrounding walls as a big art gallery for expression zapatista style and all that visit. A room to dance and have :-) a ball, more music maestro! Because the youth is the future and always will be. Thinking of this because I can imagne the bright lights of cities can be lurking too to young people and ofcourse Chiapas never was ment as any 'camp' holding in people (which is also not the case right now, because all people there are simply free to decide) that should been locked away from the rest of the world (as the State wants it now)
By reading some texts by Peter Kropotkin on 'communist run communities'(but not knowing the exact siuation in Zapatista land ofcourse) Maybe a youth place is already there or the shool functions as such too (: Sorry then! Kropotkin wrote about communes and communities and why they would often fail. Part of that was because the lack of numbers of people. That simply ment often the people got bored or annoyed with each other. THe shortahe of diversity. Greater communities with several different places/villages/communes did work. At least many prooved at several places in the world to be very effective and pleasant for all beings to be part of. But the problems of these communities are often the same and so it's intersting to read his findings and remarks. On authority, only family based communes etc. Anyway, the youth in Chiapas and beyond should be proud to be part of the Zapatista movement.(and I guess they are) Good thing to see some writings by young people including some women speaking out, which can deliver a more diverse image (when wanted) of this movement, these people and what their drive is. The Zapatista youth should also be proud not be any part of the insane capital monster that is eating up the planet.
I am not saying here 'it's party time', because it is definitly not party time over there. But it should be. That means, next to the work these people deserve to be left alone. To be independant and free to choose. All that would take is a government that says 'ok' do your own thing. But as simple as it could be, cause that is all the Zapatista ask for 'to be left alone', the goverment will not give in.
Because all governements know only one word, one way, which is 'authority'.
Control over others. Otherwise they are not needed aren't they?
That is why they so often make themselves needed too. Create a mess to come clean it up..oh without their help! What a wonderful world this would be.

Governments, wheter it is Mexico, Russia, China or America..it doesn't matter. They loose their 'face' when some region says cheerio, giving a lovely mid finger and starts doing things on themselves. Then they look 'ridiculous' and weak to other states and more important, their own population. So they mostly (well..never) do not cheer for any liberation movement or call for independency.
That the Zapatista area is surrounded by the Mexican army is an often hearded critic. But how can tis be a real critic on behalf of the Zapatista? It is not their fault that the government won't give up their hilarious hunger for control over there. And it says more about the other surrounding regions and their incapabillity or will of resisting in the way the Zapatistas do.(not saying this as any critic either)But it says nothing more about the Zapatista then that still stand their ground firm and proud. That can hardly be a critic.
Asterix and Obelix (and the Galliers) were also surrounded by the Romans send by Ceasar. The romans could not take the village because of the magic power of a drink made by the local druide. I think it's same stuff as the Rebeldia or Durito thing:-P

The Occupy movement was like a white calf learning to walk. The Warriors of the Rainbow prophesy coming to some reality. Cities filled with tents. But the Indigenous did nor recognise it immediatly, not clear if they ever did. Well some did. They kicked off an own 'Idle no more' intiative to occupy what should be occupied. To adress what needs to be. I write this because I still believe that (altough we don't want any masses'- we want critic, open minded, free individuals to begin with) if all these people would connect, and act (very important!) then they would be a huge force, able do do a lot. If the indigenous for example would all join hands, become as 'one' and activly show solidarity in action, that would be a great community, worldwide. Able to put complete countries to a hold, with the help of blocks, strikes, workers, all people longing for freedom, anarchists, activists, all social hroups etc..I am not longing for any great army, I don't dream of big numbers, but united (in more then just words but in true action when needed to stop a thing) they would have/be a great power. One to not mess around with any longer.
Without centralizing this or creating just more great formel demonstrations that will deliver nothing for confusion and desillusion or only look good in the media.
As long as the media reaches the people, they are able to control the biggest group, by lies, dirt, letting 'experts' explain, keeping people busy and frightened so that they won't go for any true change at all. As long as 99% is watching their news, their words, they will not understand what we are saying here.
It would be hard to get all these communities at one line' and immune for an media manipulation that would stop their will into direct action. It's hard to build a international network that would be able to stop a Dam construction in the Amazon, or stop the genocide in certain places on indigenous (and other) communities. Because trouble would rise all over, if we have will and dedication. That was the same will and solidarity power that shook up Noth Africa too and made dictators and politicians run. The Indigenous still have these numbers..if they act as one.
Leonard Peltier would not be in jail if all natives would stood up back then (or now) at once. Many Indigenous people would not have been wiped out if the other tribes would have stood up as one and acted this way. And they would not only get the support of other Indigenous, they would gain respect for doing so, if they would hold their ground. Determination, holding on also made the Wall Str. occupy group a lot bigger in the end then as it started. Then be able to create a wider brotherhood of man(for whatever that is" 4 non blondes") in all colours and races that would find sympathy and understanding all over and can only grow, not fail any longer.
Great numbers do not bring great intellect that is for sure. But great numbers can cause for a great deal of trouble to those who like to opress their will.
Not saying such a (global) network would succeed, bit it could. All my reason to write it here once more.
I will maybe ad some more later on, some that I wanted to write, leaving this writing now for what is. Enough spelling already probably..see if this pops up on here..oi!?

Greetings for the Dutch mountains-g.damned, we don't have any!;-)

With love and respect to the Zapatista Familia in Mexico.

The 7th way. (as Sting once sung")

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