IS calls Anon stupid.

by Anon UK, Sunday, January 31, 2016, 17:19 (390 days ago)

Article was linked by 'Sub plots'on fb. plots'
Article on the Hackers news on the cyberbattle against IS.
Ofcourse this is no way done with any racsist/fascist ideas but simpl the fact that IS turns against freedom is what Anonymous is fighting against.
Some IS spokesultan stated Anonymous is 'idiots'.
A very well chosen word in his probably not that big vocabulary:-D
We are all idiots,that is true.

Ofcourse the man probably said this with the idea that IS itself isn't that fond of the internet really (anonymous is not either cause of the control mania by companies and states)and doesn't take the internet as something for their own wanted 'future' within an Islamic state.

Ofcourse IS can not be killed by taking them offline.
But it can stop some of the hatred and info that they spread.
Your propaganda will not be safe in the real world as it is in reality.
Those who want to dictate others are no longer safe anywhere.
That counts for the exploiting rich behind their luxury barricades or the poor that felt as some slave for the religious powers.
All that 'dictate' are enemies.

We are against EVERY ruling power on Earth and only independant, free, anarchist actions and people/groups can count on our support.

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