NO to TPP, Yes to life and freedom.

by Anonymous, Friday, March 04, 2016, 21:09 (360 days ago)

Solidarity with the protesting Indigenous people and communities of all the countries involved in the TPP. A neo-liberal 'legal' move to do more crime gainst these people, against nature, to take even more and make the people dependant.


Take away all authorities and their false institutions of submission, take away the so called civilisation of greed, the private ownership of all the land and goods that goes to the chosen few that can afford it while most humans have been taken away all rights, all freedom, the land and the possiblities to live their own lives. They however continue to 'agree' with any vote they bring, no matter the party. (You can't cry when you want you to! And if I can't dance to know)

That many pay the 'legal' maffia is because they are scared of the illegal maffia?
Maybe time to take them all out, and THAT can only happen if we start believeing in OURSELVES, in anarchy, in a free and social world where ALL dictators and bosses will be seen as fools that merely want control and will be laughed at and send away.

Solidarity with the Indigenous people and also the revolutionary struggle everywhere.

From Japan, to Lebanon, to Oslo, to London, to Athens..the revolutionary struggle will never die until the people do have the power, the freedom to have a real life without 'permission', and without paying rent to any maffia.
We all are entitled to live freely without any authority above us.
Which does not mean that would turn into a situation some would take it all and others would suffer (I exactly hope and expect the opposite after maybe some time needed to figure out the free organised local alternatives.
Nobody would take the old 'power' again because it's not there anymore, no possible in a new free world/situation that does not recognize the old bad ways any longer...that is the fear perhaps, but not the reality if we don't le it be.

Stay free!

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