11-9 is Armagideon Trump Time is now!

by Ghostbuster, Wednesday, November 09, 2016, 16:53 (111 days ago)

I am not gonna waste time here writing on how STUPID Trump and a lot of yankees are.
It's a fact.
I am gonna pleed for resistance against this ignorant pig , his administration etc.
Ofcourse voting is not a solution..we should encourage them at all, none. (Partly results in to this election outcome as well I suppose)
As it is often the ignorant reactionaries first who will go out and vote dirty lowlifes as Trump.
So this tricky system (demoncrazy)also kinda 'threats' people to go out and vote to stop disasters as Trump as president.
I can only despise this evil way and stupid system of democracy even more as well as the stupidity to vote for such as wanker (to keep their guns right lol) Fooled you yankees!

Well eh, war I guess, on the terraces or anywhere Trump and politicians are.
My vote wouldn't have helped anyway (cause i'm from da eurozone-zero tolerance)
but I do miss Barack and Michelle already honestly.
And a sad goodbye too.
A sad day for the whole planet really.
For christsake gave the silly title to Hillary as feminist wake up call or so..but this ignorant, filthy, greedy hypocrit and sell out??

'cant keep us queit, we gotta riot!!!'

This can't be fkkin true..humanity can't be this stupid..right?!?

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