by A, Thursday, July 09, 2015, 10:25 (600 days ago) @ steve

I did not write the first entry but I could never see the 10 commandments as some kinda 'laws'. Because I don't believe in 'laws' and written words mostly, but also because even if ment good, these 10 commandments can be 'trash'.
For instance, how the hell should somebody respect parents (as one of the commandments) when they are rascist parents or worse; child abusers or violent dictators?
(Im lucky to have had good parents personally but I could imagine situations you simply can not respect them)

The 10 Indian (native) commandments are (to me) more close to nature (which is 'god' to me)and are less 'dictating' and 'confusing'.They more point out a 'way' of respect for all life on this planet.


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