Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

by All Bosses Are Bitches, Thursday, May 29, 2014, 20:48 (1002 days ago) @ sushil yadav

I agree with most of this powerful writing you put here.
The problem is ofcourse that it seems almost impossible to really change things as they are going.
It is not critisism or any 'cheap excuse argument I want to ad but even the use/placing of this same writing/as is yours is part of that same 'consumer system' you talk about. I admit, I am also such an envirometalist' that is guilty of copying stencils, using the net etc. to spread info.
The thing is that (most) humans don't really want to give up many of the goods they are used too. They even use them for things communication, art or cultural purposes, as you spoke about in your text (as ways to spend 'free' time).
All these things, can be even bikes, radios or paint, is all wanted by many people and that will not end because it is almost impossible and even unwanted to most to leave those inventions we are used to goodbye. It is like going back to the past, very hard.
Ofcourse putting all the blame, mostly on education, preparation for tis system, students or academics is not the whole picture/cause of the problem either.
And using 1 radio, 1 computer for a whole community to end the 'mass' production would seriously harm individual 'freedoms' too.
All people seem to use certain consumer goods, may it be more or less. Sadly also many people only want more, like ten cars. I don't see all this end and so I don't see any good solutions coming from human race, untill it is probably all wasted and gone.
It is indeed unsustainable and many people are aware, many sadly not.
Governments know this but are even unable (not even always unwilling- certain parts that is)to make a true change. And ofcourse they keep up the capitalist way.
I do believe could change for the better if we really would end certain industries totally, if we would recycle all and better the ways we do agriculture by also protecting all forests and waters to the fullest.
As example, there is even enough food to feed all people right now. But it is being wasted, thrown away, not fairly shared. We could all live even in great numbers, having the tools, goods and even extras we like, but only if we do completely change the way we consume, end the waste, end indeed the brainwash education indeed as well.


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