Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

by Debra R Lopez @, United States, Saturday, July 19, 2014, 02:58 (951 days ago) @ sushil yadav

It sounds like to me someone couldn't get into College. Why on earth would you think that a Education is the downfall of our Society. I am Native American who has lost much from the GOVT. because of the need for Lands, riches, Forests,water, & much more so I should know what the downfall of society entails! It's certainly not education, it's people who think that they were BORN superior to any other Human Beings. All Native people who are the true inhabitants for thousands of yrs.of North America, as are Latin people. Before they were taken over by Spain & other Countries looking to steal gold, silver & all other Natural Resources. Education is the only way to STOP them now, so It's not the problem to make sure your Educated to beat them the same way they Overwhelmed our Societies. I think we most certainly would have Appreciated to be left alone in our Societies in Nature in the So called USA & Mexico & other North American Countries. But, we cannot deport them now, NO MATTER how much we would LOVE THIS SOLUTION. We need to become Educated to match their knowledge to make our lives better for our Future for our children. I wish & dream that things could be different, the rich rule this country & we just want to be left alone to practice our CULTURE & Religious Practices. A Klamath & Blackfeet Tribal Member who resides in OREGON state.:-|

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