Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

by Rainbow Warriors, Monday, July 21, 2014, 13:30 (949 days ago) @ Debra R Lopez

I agree 'education' itself isn't a problem, neither is all technoligy etc. I have also never felt the natives were actually any 'better' than other people, but must admit that their culture/way of life wasn't that harmful for a long time and prooved itself by history. That it was mostly killed and taken by an industrial culture and colonists that were not even aware of their own stupidity only pains me.
(Btw, i didnt write the text)
The tribal ways from Europe, better said the way of community life, self-organisation and with that respect for life, nature and humanity was greatly destroyed in Europe by the same power lusted fools that are you the imperialists, invaders and to us our neighbours, people that also rule over the 'common' people here; that killed them, prisoned them, fooled them, put genocide on the true left, the anarchists, those that resisted their power. Our 'way' of life, that was actually just as the natives (Germans, Barbarians, Saxs, whatever was out there back then, even the Vikings weren't the mean wild animals they tried to make us believe. It is as everywhere, these power minded are 'killing' us, make us dependant on them as well, may it be politic, religious or capitalist. Deport them :-P and do work together with all those humans that may not share the same vision, the exact same believes, but do want the same liberty and equality for humanity. Caus ein the end, indeed deporting them would make 'us' the same shit I guess, next to the fact it doesn't really work in the end.
I guess all 'reservations' would fail in the end, being still controlled and surrounded by other powers like governments. The Zapa's know, The IRA knows, The Farc knows, Hamas knows, Israel (should know!)..most of us know.
The true revolution is one for the whole planet, for the liberation of all opression upon nature and all mankind.

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