Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

by Aline, Monday, July 21, 2014, 14:57 (953 days ago) @ Rainbow Warriors

What is the trouble is the lack of understanding.
We will never reach all the people, being able to educate them right now so humanity' will change and we also do not long for any 'masses' in general.
Still..we need them, that means their support in a way because a true free world can only be when aproved by all.
At this moment in time we simply face a very hostile enviroment and a very divided species. We can't unite them at this moment in time.
So we need to resist by building and protecting our won communities (regardless), our own 'culture' even if that is a subculture' right now, our social and open spaces.
Any 'attack' on these should be responded with a great confidence that we are simply and first of all entitled to life as we want to, to gather, organize etc without the control they will demand.
All those claiming that this is just 'reservation' thinking are right in one way but perhaps do not see that there is no 'global organised resistance' to fall back on to begin with. That the small local struggles for autonomous spaces are legit, not 'being turned into oneself', not cultivating or being then only a subculture.
That is all we need to do, in the hope more will follow. But we will never convince a certain part (happy as it is right now) and also not convince if we don't even have those 'small' own places to use, show as examples of good alternatives.
So we all have to do this simply 'for ourselves'. That is important! You! Let us be fight clubs for what we believe in and drop the whole leader thing, the boxing on ourselves, the idea we are an unique snowflake just as much as the idea we are all the 'same'. Let's stop seeing a true difference between Idle No More or the Occupy movement or the anarchist struggle.
To dream of a global social revolution with all of humanity on the barricade is the 'false' ideal' at this time.
We need to do it for ourselves to begin with and only with fully supporting that what we love and support we can keep at least some 'free space' and autonomy.
The fight is there already..cause powers in command' will never let that be.
All good alternatives must be said turn out to be used by 'powers' that is true. When they can't be 'used' for profit/power games they are simply being banned.

Education now too often results in a brainwashed grey anti-social society not being able to communicate (without becoming by daily training' a stupid bossy intolerant nerd or speaking some 'adult' language that doesn't make sense..being smart') know..been there(; The education is as well in the hands and control of the same powers and therefor can't be always true, honest and a good way to let your child grow up. I would recommend to young parents, to skip shool and let your child not go to shool more then 3 days a week. Especially the first ten years.
(Dont give me that 'I have to do my dayjob so I don't have time for that'..there we go..then blame society for the rents and take an abortion)
'Teacher leave those kids alone''s better for creativity, health, stress, the whole bloody family and climbing trees too.
We don't need no more propaganda 'blabla' from the experts, the 'bosses' and their media.
To not even seek shelter amongst their 'own' or help out others they like, fight for their own freedom and space seems not even an option to many people these 'modern' days. Education makes you wanna vote..that's a bad idea :-D
That's not civilised, that's divided!:-(

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